Sarah Graham - Sweet Temptations

This painting followed on from ‘Sweet Mayhem’ painted in 2010. I wanted to recreate the movement again as a result of the tumbling effect of the sweets pouring from the jar. As opposed to the landscape composition of the previous piece, this time I wanted the effect of a ‘waterfall’ of cascading sweets, hence the portrait format. The most complicated section was the out of focus foreground, it was important the soft focus was executed well so as not to distract the eye, so that at first the viewer is drawn to the central section, then left to scan the rest of the canvas. I generally work left to right, top to bottom, so this section was last to be tackled, and I knew if I messed it up the whole piece would suffer…so no pressure! As for subjects, I included some of my personal favourite sweeties in this one, pink shrimps and jelly beans, and opted for a jar with a red ribbon to add another dimension and texture to the piece. This addition leant itself well to the slightly seductive title too, as if the jar itself is tempting you to its goodies pouring out before you…

Deep Boxed Canvas
43.25 x 27.5''

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